FINE DINING TRENDS FOR 2017 by David Falor

Accepting change is survival, managing change – no matter how disruptive it is – by developing solutions that support new business models is the paradigm for success.

David Falor by Attracting and keeping the best chefs and quality staff require a whole new way of thinking to the restaurant business. Instead of a restaurant being open 7 days a week a trend is starting to be open 4 or 5 days a week enabling your staff to have a normal life and you to have all your best staff working every day you are open.  Pick your two slowest days of the week and close your restaurant. You will find that you will be able to attract top caliber chefs and staff whom will produce a consistently outstanding product every day you are open, resulting in more satisfied customers who will repeat and spread the word of your restaurant.


The sugar pig out is over and more refined taste are gaining favor. Look for more bitter chocolate, greens, and coffee flavors as ingredients in dishes.

Locally produced whiskeys, vodkas and beers are continuing to gain inroads just as food produced locally has.

There are more food trends starting in food trucks and fast casual space than in fine dining, pay attention to what is happening in your area.

The trend of top chefs is opening fast casual restaurants-less cost-less risk and providing their customers with good healthy affordable food.

Restaurants need to begin to sanitize their menus of antibiotics and artificial additives. You need to be stitching together narratives about your overall eco-stewardship.

A few results from recent surveys

38% of fine dining diners say no thanks to cash only

73% like to know where their food came from

50% have selected a new restaurant based on food photos from social media

33% say no thanks to communal tables

I hope this information will make 2017 a more successful year as per David Falor