Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games

Image Courtesy of www.covermytimeline.comIt’s almost turkey time, so get the holiday started off right with a few Thanksgiving speech therapy games that build articulation skills and improve communication – in a fun and engaging way.

Gobble Up Articulation with These 10 Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games!

1. Fill a Cornucopia of Vocabulary Words – You can play this activity for several days and use either an actual cornucopia (I have both a decorative wire one and wicker ones), or print one like this and have your child color it. Then cut pieces of paper into small shapes – I like to make pumpkins, corn, and other simple festive shapes on orange, red, yellow, and brown paper. Work with your child on building target vocabulary words and every time one is considered “achieved” or “mastered”, add it to the cornucopia. If you’re using a paper version, just glue or tape the words on the paper cornucopia and hang it in an area of the house that is easy for your child to see.

2. Make Thanksgiving Bingo Cards – You can create your own using clip art or phonics cards, or use free ones like this. To build on articulation skills, have your child repeat the words after you call them out during the bingo game.

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Games

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3. Pumpkin Pie Mix-Up – Take 3 or more paper plates – one for each articulation target sound. Divide each plate into 8 equal pie pieces, just as you would cut a pie or pizza. On each slice, write a word that matches the articulation target. Mix up the pie pieces and see if your child can complete the pumpkin pies according to each target sound – encourage him to say the words aloud as he works on the puzzle.

4. Play Thanksgiving Memory – Make your own Thanksgiving Memory games with target sounds. There are lots of great vocabulary options related to Thanksgiving, but if you’re stuck, here are some fun inspirations:

5. Say it with a Pilgrim Puppet – Make practicing articulation words a little more festive by creating some pilgrim puppets to go along with them. You and your child can each create a puppet and practice the words together. Try some of these templates and craft ideas for the puppets:

6. Turkey Dance – Play this combination of the Chicken Dance and musical chairs. Take any of these turkey templates and print as many of them as you need for your target words. On each turkey, write a target word, then tape the turkeys in a circle on the floor. Play the tune to the Chicken Dance as your child dances in a circle on the turkeys, and stop the music randomly. All the players take turns calling out the target word of the turkey under their feet when the music stops.

7. Sing Some Songs – There are some great Thanksgiving songs to reinforce sounds like /t/ and /p/, as well as rhyming structures. The video below is a catchy tune with entertaining graphics, or you could try this turkey finger play.